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Fanagoria Estate Winery is a major full-cycle winemaking facility in Russia. Fanagoria produces grafted grapevines, processes grapes, crafts and markets still and sparkling, ice, liqueur and late-harvest wines, brandies and grape marc vodka. The total area of the vineyard facility exceeds 3,400 hectares. The annual grape yield approximates 30,000 tons. Supreme-quality Fanagoria beverages regularly take prizes at the world’s most prestigious contests in the UK, Austria, France, Slovakia, China, Japan and Russia.

After 20 years under the same flag, Fanagoria approached UtterDesign as they decided to revamp their brand. The brief entailed creating a relevant and unique visual expression reflecting the company’s heritage, quality products and love for wine.

With deep respect for the history and ambitions of the company, we created a new minimalistic identity that makes Fanagoria products look as gorgeous as they taste.

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Brand Identity

  • Sergey Tsarkov
  • Varvara Tsarkova
  • Irina Kulikova
  • Rita Akimova